White’s boots Smoke Jumper Be a man. Ralph Lauren Style ROAMING BONES LEVIS VINTAGE DENIM Samuel Beckett, Paris 1979 photography: Richard Avedon “The long blue days, for his head, for his side, and the little paths for his feet, and all the brightness to touch and gather. Through the grass the little mosspaths, bony with […]

In the Men’s Room

“Men need to be needed. When we are needed, we feel powerful.  We thrive on helping a woman who needs us.”  ― C.T. “The ultimate use of power is to empower others.” — William Glasser (1925-2013) American psychiatrist. Vladimir Vasiliev and his teacher, Alexei Yermolaev in 1971. Photo by Leonid Zhdanov. “The best way to hold […]

In the Men’s Room

“Men are driven by two principal impulses, either by love or by fear.”    ― Niccolò Machiavelli, The Discourses     GIORGIO ARMANI SPRING 2019 MENSWEAR COLLECTION “I kept losing weight, getting thinner and thinner, I had no energy at all, and I forgot to eat. I had to do extreme physical things that I would have […]


A look at some of the some of the latest styles and fashions in menswear today – some pretty cool stuff. RAF SIMONS FALL 2018 MENSWEAR COLLECTION I just like this. BOTTEGA VENETA FALL 2018 MENSWEAR COLLECTION   and this… TOMMY HILFIGER FALL 2018 MENSWEAR “Red” is everywhere in menswear today… TOM FORD  FALL 2018 MENSWEAR […]

Gentlemen Only

“You are mistaken; he is not a gentleman but a sir.  Just a sir.  For a gentleman is grander and a rare acquaintance.”  ― Richelle E. Goodrich Ray Milland as the dashing englishman in The Gilded Lily (1935) TOM FORD TIME PIECES “Gallantry is gentleman’s quality.”  ― Toba Beta, Betelgeuse Incident: Insiden Bait Al-Jauza Robert Doisneau, 1954. TOM […]

The Men’s Room

“Enjoy it. Because it’s happening.” -Stephen Chbosky Sandra Dee and Bobby Darin, 1960s. Alastair Cary-Elwes (British, 1866-1946), Rupert Bunny, c.1887. Oil on canvas, 65.1 x 81.3 cm. National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne Rupert Bunny (1864-1947) was an Australian painter “I feel myself a stranger.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Lucien Guitry and Granne Granier, 1895, […]

Guy Glam Gorgeous: JOSPEH ABBOUD

I think this may be my very favorite menswear collection of all time.   It’s beyond — simply classy, sexy, strong, sophisticated – just perfection.   * JOSEPH ABBOUD   Fall 2018 Menswear Collection     Visit: ArtPassionZsaZsaBellagio