Ballet Beautiful: VOLKOVA

Professional Ballerina’s Photos Reveal Exclusive Backstage Look at the World of Russian Ballet

Photography: Darian Volkova

Russian ballerina Darian Volkova has combined her profession with her passion by embarking on a journey as a photographer specializing in the world of classical dance. 

The 25-year-old ballerina works as a freelance dancer for touring companies, and was encouraged to document her experiences by her husband, who is a photographer. 

Not wishing to limit herself as just a dancer, Volkova found that photography was the perfect medium to express her passion for the world of ballet.

Her evocative photos, taken around the globe, give an insider’s view into the life of ballet dancers. 
Whether it be the anxious, adrenaline fueled moments as they are about to rush onstage or the elegant lines of a ballerina’s body in pose, Volkova breathes life into her images. 
In a tight-knit community where fellow dancers become like family, she is able to access the spirit of life as a ballet dancer. “I can express something via dance, but photography is another view. Photography is my escape. It helps me fight with tiredness and capture a moment.”

Volkova writes. “What is more, it gives me an opportunity to communicate with different people—ballet dancers don’t always have such ability. Thanks to the photography, I can share my own worldview. Here I’m both a photographer and a choreographer.”
As a dancer, Volkova is able to access theaters that would normally be off limits to photographers. Sometimes entering through official channels, and often through insider connections, Volkova’s next goal is to gain access to the famed Bolshoi theater. Ultimately she wishes to capture dancers across the globe, allowing people to see ballet through her eyes.

Darian Volkova: Website | Facebook | Instagram
All images via Darian Volkova.


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