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Astrid Chair



Springtime seems to be the time for cleaning and freshening up the home. 

Here are some fabulous home, art and interior ideas if you’re leaning toward a “Chic, Stylish or Glamorous” abode. 

In my opinion, the best interiors are the ones that follow no rules. 

Mix it up, do your thing, and make it fun.

Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend.



Lilly Bunn, a NYC-based designer

The base for Lilly’s classically comfortable living room is a short-haired Moroccan rug, the answer to her dilemma of loving Moroccan rugs, but not wanting to constantly be fishing dropped crumbs out of their shaggy fibers.

Kaki Foley’s chairs, provided by Anthropologie, are painted with gold metal leaf

Kristin Cadwallader of Bliss at Home

By Monika Holte

Aqua patio cushions, white wrought iron furniture and white roses are a perfect complement  to this glamorous swimming pool.

Domenico Bianchi (Italian, b. 1955), Senza titolo, 1997.

Pigmented wax on canvas mounted on board, 80 x 60 cm.

This chandelier from anthropolgie would fit in just about any decor scheme and in any room… simple and chic.

Above the bed “wall glam” – art, art, art.

Karin Parrow (Swedish, 1900-1984), Strandservering, Marstrand [Beach café, Marstrand].

Canvas, 65.5 x 67 cm.

Kristin Jackson of Hunted Interior

Washed Velvet seating:   Moresque Chairs by Anthropologie

Mark Bradford (American, b. 1961), Black Power, 2005.

Acrylic, permanent weave end papers, tape and printed paper collage on canvas, 115.9 x 154.9 cm.

Photo by Tim Street Porter/Otto

Oh So Chic Pool

The Vibe: Southern belle intrigued by all things Eastern.

The Furnishings: Seating options to spare, from benches to chaises, plus a lovely array of blue-and-white chinoiserie planters and one massive ginger jar.

Style Tip to Steal: Traditionally indoor pieces can make a huge style play outdoors.

“Oh la la – tres chic”  is this sleek, soft aqua bedroom with shiny mirrored accents and furniture.

Olga Novokhatska (Ukrainian, active in France, b. 1979), Flowers Fields.

 Oil on canvas, 25.6 x 31.9 in.

Always adore the whimsical plates from Anthropologie

A symmetrical hanging arrangement retains the sense of visual calm but can be expanded out or up to accommodate the size of your wall. Matching frames allow you to have fun with the prints or photographs while retaining the feeling of a coordinated group.

Photo by Simon Upton / Interior Archive

Eduardo Guelfenbein (Chilean, b. 1953), Visages, 2012.

Acrylic on canvas, 146 x 114 cm.

Lilly Bunn, a NYC-based designer

Lilly, who “always” wallpapers hallways, papered the space leading from her living to her dining room with a dotted Hinson design she loves for its handmade look.

Olle Olsson-Hagalund (Swedish, 1904-1972), Bar Scene.

Canvas, 70.5 x 75 cm.

Lilly Bunn, a NYC-based designer

Conjuring up magical feelings of wanderlust, a ship-shaped chandelier, found at a downtown lighting shop, hangs over Lilly’s dining table. “It had been hanging in the store window all winter long, and I kept walking by and staring at it,” she says.

I really like these playful chandeliers, so fun.

Citrine Chesterfield Sofa

By Monika Holte

Hand-Dyed Shibori Sofa

Elle Decor

Making the most of the wall space above your sofa:

Mixing it up with playful and creative sculptural accents. (Love the hot pink tufted sofa – everyone should have one. And oh yes… I love those chairs as well!)

Photo by Tony Vu; interior by Jeffery Bilhuber

Dhurrie Chair

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