A lovely Gustavian style bedroom

A romantic bedroom which has a separate room and bathroom. A blank canvas on which Rosa Escofet has created an optimistic atmosphere with a very feminine personality.



A white is never equal to another. Each has its nuances and to different messages, depending on where you apply. “Not the same elegant white satin carpentry, when you paint on wood, almost sparkling bright white wild silk curtains. Or the off-white walls, to give peace, the furniture, or a small blanket … “are the words of Rosa Maria Escofet Escofet Chic Interior Designer Ambiances and creative, almost artisan, for each of the Parts of this bedroom.



“The star color is white because I love bright. But also because it decorates a space is like working in a blank book. “A neutral background , on which he weaves elements with primary natural materials (old wood, silk …) and soft colors (white, cracked, gray …).



This bedroom -the spirit Gustavian style that passionately is an old bedroom, a living room, toilet and bathroom . “I respected the original distribution with a large arch that separates the environments. The floor is aged pine, which I have designed, like the curtains of silk or paneled bath “.






Rosa Maria Escofet is a restless spirit like boisseries imagine that bouquets of flowers or accessories for brides … “I have the need to create but with practicality. I place great value on the details since I owned Relais d’Orsa in Barcelona. ”



But back to the bedroom . Each of the furniture tells a story.”The bed, of great sentimental value, belonged to my mother;the dressing is my favorite because I get to help create still lifes with books or pictures, or lamps, a family inheritance and other Trail “. She also loves symmetry and has played with them on the shelves on either side of the fireplace , and windows.



And the bathroom? “Definitely the color of the bathroom had to be white and the protagonist, the wonderful hot Victoria & Albert, which mimics the old nineteenth brass”.





Play with white:


“In a white room can be added splashes of color. In this room, the cherry tone brings a dose of optimism. I like the primary materials such as wood aging. Also because they radiate light silks and gustavianos tones, aqua, gray … My desire was that the bedroom breathe a very feminine atmosphere, “says Rosa.







Keys to a vintage bathroom:


 “Ccubrí walls paneled with wood to emphasize the tub and bring warmth” I love the result: a wooden floor with wide lookaged and boards The sink, tub and faucets are like those of the nineteenth century.. And the final detail: antique mirrors placed in the bathroom doors. ”





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