Open, White Space: NYC

Historic Downtown,  Downtown New York
Here’s a really cool space that you can actually stay in if you are visiting New York. It’s glossy, chic and oh so glam.
What a studio space can be: polished alabaster floors, whitewashed walls and ceilings give Fulton Studio’s huge room a brilliant glow. It’s artfully punctuated with rustic touches – antlers perched amid collections of snowy porcelain, rough-hewn wooden tables, and milky cowhide rugs.
As you enter, the kitchen is on your right – a bold stroke of black granite and obsidian cabinetry. Beyond it the dining area opens into a luminous living space which extends back to the sleeping area.
The wooden dining table seats eight, an elegant sofa sits opposite two beige armchairs, and there’s a simple desk where your host works on fashion designs.
There’s also a flat-screen television tucked to the side of the coffee table.
Behind the couch a woven rug marks the start of the sleeping area, a queen bed and antique furnishings.
The bathroom is through the door to the right of the full length mirror.


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