“The great charm of cats is their rampant egotism, their devil-may-care attitude toward responsibility, their disinclination to earn an honest dollar.”     – Robertson Davies   Thousands of sketches in the Archives of American Art offer insight into artists’ creative processes.  This compilation of watercolor drawings by muralist and children’s book illustrator Emily Barto […]


This is quite charming– a series of oh so glamorous kitty cats dressed up couture style! “Cat Couture” by Photographer Jason McGroarty

Delightful Dogs

“Some of my best leading men have been dogs and horses.”     —Elizabeth Taylor, actress     hungry Irish Wolfhound “Don’t accept your dog’s admiration as conclusive evidence that you are wonderful.”     —Ann Landers (a.k.a. Eppie Lederer; famous advice columnist)     Belgian Shephard “If you want a friend in Washington, get […]

For the BIRDS

Amazing photography to share today of birds — there are soon many different kinds of beautiful birds- it’s really quite amazing! Amazon kingfisher by João Sérgio Barros F. de Souza on flickr “God gives every bird his worm, but He does not throw it into the nest. “   – P. D. James by Pete on flickr  by […]

Coon Cat Cool

Robert Sijka photographs Maine Coon cats and makes them look like majestic mythical beasts The man who takes these glorious photos is Robert Sijka.    “My passions are cats and photography, I do my best to combine these two things as well as possible,” he shares on his website.  Oh, he did an excellent job. Each of these […]


because cats make me smile… @choitaemins “What greater gift than the love of a cat.”  ― Charles Dickens       via: doggykittyeverywhere via:cat-gifs.com   “When a cat flatters … he is not insincere: you may safely take it for real kindness.”  ― Walter Savage Landor, Imaginary Conversations       @choitaemins via:duster @choitaemins “Owners of dogs will have […]

WILD thing

“Wildlife is and should be useless in the same way art, music, poetry and even sports are useless. They are useless in the sense that they do nothing more than raise our spirits, make us laugh or cry, frighten, disturb and delight us. They connect us not just to what’s weird, different, other, but to […]


Fabulous animal profile photos to share, enjoy. by S Pakhrin Tambako The Jaguar Coto licking his nose Fifty Shades of Grevy by MarinaCano via:whatisaurlidonthaveone Wild Fauna Love Flickr / critter snapper via:outhernhi-life William Wegman : Man Ray, 1982 srta-pepis Tufted Puffin by Dave Kutilek. This seabird in the auk family (Alcidae) is found throughout the […]