The Grand Kremlin Palace

The magnificent Grand Kremlin Palace in 1870s. It was built from 1837 to 1849 and is the largest building in the Kremlin, costing almost 12 million rubles.

“The Sovereigns, as well as the commoners, build houses in order to have a tranquil residence, pleasant, corresponding to their rank and conforming to the needs of their social life.
However, this did not suffice for our Tsar, who does not wish to lead a separate life, but wishes to live in complete unity with his people and his empire. He deigned to want that his residence symbolizes the Tsar and the Empire and had made a Tablet of commandments or a Book in stone where one may read the present grandeur, the venerated memory of the past and an example for the future.”
 Metropolitan Philarette of Moscow

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