Rouge allure

“The red was something none of them could contain.” 
― E.J. Koh, Red

Red Toile

Ueda Kyoko.



Idle Conversation by Albert Beck Wenzell (American, 1864–1917)

Highland House Furniture.  Poetic French Country Dining.

1950’s Vintage fashion

“It was so—oh, I wish language were more precise! The red was so beautiful!”
The Giver nodded. “It is.”
“Do you see it all the time?”
“I see all of them. All the colors.”
“Will I?” 
― Lois Lowry, The Giver

The artwork of Meredith Woolnough via Instagram.
“If I could tell you about Red
I would sing to you of fire Sweet like cherries
Burning like cinnamon Smelling like a rose in the sun” 
― Dixie Dawn Miller Goode, Rainbows Around Us

…our dreams are a second life…


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