“To this day I still do not know why red shoes are sooo me. I think it might be that in a way the color demonstrates that though I am not much of a dresser I do have a fiery element in me and sometimes I even run with it.” 

― Gisela Hausmann

Dior Boots

The Messenger by Alessandro Cancian

Stephane Rolland Spring/Summer 2017 Couture


“It was so—oh, I wish language were more precise! The red was so beautiful!”

The Giver nodded. “It is.”

“Do you see it all the time?”

“I see all of them. All the colors.”

“Will I?” 

― Lois Lowry, The Giver

Jourdan Dunn by David Roemer for Madame Figaro

Heather Bullard-Lifestyle/Stylist


“The red was something none of them could contain.” 

― E.J. Koh, Red

Autumn’s Sun: Karmen Pedaru by Guy Aroch for Harper’s Bazaar Spain August 2016

Idalia by L’Agent by Agent Provocateur

Salt Restaurant, Vinalhaven, Maine

photo by susan metzger @art_maine


Ralph & Russo Haute Couture Spring 2017

Infinity Nets, 1953-85


53.4 x 61 cm


Natalia Vodianova by Thomas Whiteside for Harper’s Bazaar Spain December 2016

The Messenger by Alessandro Cancian

“the lesser grindstone stood alone there in the calm morning air, with a red upon it that the sun had never given, and would never take away.” 

― Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities

Lannister maiden cloak for Lannister brides, Alberta Ferretti

Ace of Hearts

toma una carta





“red the colour of the rose

red the colour of your lips

red the colour of your tongue….

red the colour of your heart……

red the colour of your passion…..”


― Marina G. Rossou 





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