Paper Art: Kristen Martincic

This is really neat artwork- quite interesting. I love paper art!

polka dot fade suit


Kristen Martincic (Columbia, MO) grew up swimming in the Great Lakes and public pools near her childhood home in the Cleveland area. 
golden U-back suit (front & back)
monotype on matsuo kozo, stitching, 26.5x15x3/8″, 2012
 photo: Jeffrey M. Bruce
Her recent artwork explores her love of water & fascination for pool environments.
 She uses swimming pools & objects associated with water to meditate on water’s translucency & the act of swimming. 
She works with traditional print media as well as a hybrid of print, drawing and painting to explore these themes.

Bathing Suits

relief, monotype on kitakata & mulberry, stitching, dimensions variable


Martincic’s artwork is made from handmade japanese paper.

 The paper bathing caps are constructed out of this silky bicchu torinoko gampi.

pink polka dot slimline suit

woodcut on mulberry, acrylic stain, seam binding, stitching, 29x15x¼”, 2008

Peach-Gray Circle Bathing Cap

relief on gampi, stitching, 12x9x3/8”, 2013

photo:  Jeffrey M. Bruce

Skin Suits

Monotype on Matsuo Kozo & Inshu Mitsumata, Stitching, Dimensions Variable, 2012,

photo: Tom Ferris

Kristen Martincic:

“My recent artwork explores the connection between the body and water. 

I use bathing suits and environments associated with water to reveal the fine line between public and private, intimacy and exposure, skin and clothing. “

Bathing suits, bathing caps, pool floats

aqua diamond deep V sheer suit

ink on matsuo kozo, stitching, 26×16.5×3/8”, 2013,

 photo Jeffrey M. Bruce

mustard & mint plaid bathing cap

relief on gampi, stitching, 12×9.5×3/8”, 2013, Photo Jeffrey M. Bruce

pale green three stripe sheer suit

ink on matuso kozo, stitching, 25.5×16.5×3/8”, 2013, photo Jeffrey M. Bruce

mustard racer-back suit (front & back)
monotype on matsuo kozo, stitching, 26.75x15x3/8″, 2012
photo: Jeffrey M. Bruce

To see more of Martsincic’s work visit:


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