In the Men’s Room

“The world will ask you who you are, and if you don’t know, the world will tell you.”
Carl Jung

Citizen K Homme Sport


The Proper Life

Stay Classy

Traders on the Stock Exchange trading floor – Henry Grant (1968)
“A wolf, left to its own devices, does not howl, or roam, or grow strong, but rather goes insane, away from its pack, away from the intensities of its changing positions, away from the cells of wolves surrounding, each strand of fur growing a forest of silver to coat its mind.
A wolf, left alone, does not feel like a wolf, it does not grow wings and become solitary as an eagle.
It withers like an orchid thrown into the sun in the flat boorish sand of the Mojave. 
Three notes to follow. 
Three chords to play. 
Insane dead wolf.
ROMAN HOLIDAY: Claudia Schiffer by Arthur Elgort for Vogue US December 1994
The Dreamer (Portrait of the Painter Torleiv Stadskleiv ) – Halfdan Egedius 1895
Norwegian 1877-1899
Oil on canvas, 100 × 81.5 cm (39.4 × 32.1 in)
Hamid Onifade for J.Crew Men, April 2016
Traders on the Stock Exchange trading floor – Henry Grant (1968)
The Season by Mark Kauffman
Josh Kerr: West oz ramps win hands down.
hampositive via Instagram on

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