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Never enough interior inspiration… plenty to share today to get your creative juices flowing at home.

© Alyssa Rosenheck for Sean Anderson Design
Light and lovely dining room with sheer curtains, fresh florals, and mixed wood furnishings.
Interior Designer, Alexa Hampton Inc.
A beautiful and spacious living room, all in neutrals. Fabulous built in bookcases, mouldings and plenty of soft, upholstered seating, love it.
“I believe there are four components of design that take a room beyond pretty or livable and make it extraordinary: contrast, proportion, color, and balance. 
To me, these essential elements represent hundreds of years of reasoned design choices that are critical to the way I approach space.”
— Alexa Hampton

© Alyssa Rosenheck for Sean Anderson Design

Interior Designer, Alexa Hampton Inc.


Photo by Manuel Rodriguez

Charming and eclectic mix of artwork, books and personal accessories come together perfectly.

Fashion and product designer, Heidi Merrick

Interior Designer, Alexa Hampton Inc.

Rich and elegant blue dining room.

© Alyssa Rosenheck for Sean Anderson Design

Photo by Steve Freihon; interior by Alexa Hampton
“Things needn’t be expensive, but materials must exude honesty. 
They must be a true representation of what the client wants, whether a simple basket or a gilded bronze statue. 
Honesty in materials and purity of objects are very important.”
— Stephen Sills

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