House Beautiful: Green Elegance

All Seasons

“I’ve learnt to gather simplicity from grasshoppers. I like their naive indecisive minds never knowing exactly when to stop chirping, and I envy their ability to be able to mingle with the green…” 


― Munia Khan


House Beautiful, Green loveliness from Benjamin Dhong




Stunning stone, fretwork railings, arched windows, and black shutters make a gorgeous impression. House Beautiful

tidbits and twine


“It’s a bird of some sort. It’s like a duck, only I never saw a duck have so many colors.”

The bird swam swiftly and gracefully toward the Magic Isle, and as it drew nearer its gorgeously colored plumage astonished them. The feathers were of many hues of glistening greens and blues and purples, and it had a yellow head with a red plume, and pink, white and violet in its tail.” 



― L. Frank Baum, The Magic of Oz

Country Living


Joseph Connolly


“Green is the soul of Spring. Summer may be dappled with yellow, Autumn with orange and Winter with white but Spring is drenched with the colour green.” 


― Paul F. Kortepeter, Tea with Victoria Rose


Garden in Falaise

Raoul Dufy – 1902




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