Home Sweet Home: A Little Soft, A Little Vintage

“With friends, one is well; but at home, one is better.” 
― Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina



“And when I look into his eyes there’s a feeling of something I can only describe as familiarity, a sense of safety. Like coming home.” 
― Rebecca James, Beautiful Malice

South Shore decoration

Benjamin Haughton

“Build a House for men and birds.
Sit with them and play music.
For a day, for just one day,
talk about that which disturbs no one
and bring some peace,
my friend,
into your beautiful eyes.” 
― Hāfez, The Subject Tonight Is Love: 60 Wild and Sweet Poems of Hafiz


“When I have come to you, at last (as I have always done), I have come to
peace and happiness. I come home, now, like a tired traveller, and find
such a blessed sense of rest!” 
― Charles Dickens

Dreamy bedroom


Wooden Beams, fabulous stone work

Designer: Kara Child

Jan Mankes



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