“Sometimes we accomplish our greatest deeds in dreams.”


— C. G. Jung,

The Red Book, pg 242




Janis Ancens,  Josep Abril ss16










An excerpt from something inkskinned wrote.









“Beethoven I take twice a week, Haydn four times, and Mozart everyday.”


— Gioachino Rossini








“All of my masks are paper mache and made to be worn. I use an imported 100% wool paper that makes the mask durable yet lightweight. All of the embellishments (leaves, flowers, etc.) with either wool or parchment papers. Things like berries, rose hips, and acorns are made with paper clay.”








A Fuoco


Giambologna, Rapture Of Sabine.






Mark & Jonnie Houston photographed by Mario Kroes for Flaunt Magazine.








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