Fabulous Finds from ETSY

Pink Rose Derby Hat

Etsy Shop: ArturoRios


So many charming, creative and delightful finds from Etsy to share today- I’m sure you will agree!

White Bridesmaid Flats, Handmade Leather

Etsy Shop:  TamarShelam

Silver Blind Bunny Mask

Etsy Shop: HysteriaMachine

Black and white kentucky derby hat, Big Gardenia 
Etsy Shop: ArturoRios

Verona Solitaire Ring
Etsy Shop:  OliviaEwingJewelry

Custom Handmade Wedding Collar


Elven Woven Branch Effect Crown

Silver or Gold Crystal Flower Choker 
Etsy Shop: FrenchFiasco
 Hot Pink, Couture Bird headpiece
Etsy Shop: ArturoRios

Madonna Halo

Cat Leggings 


Yellow handmade shoes,  Grace Yolk flat leather shoes by Tamar Shalem
Etsy Shop:  TamarShelam

Blind Mask,  made using metalwork and healing coated in goldleafed. 
Etsy Shop: HysteriaMachine

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