Fabulous, Creative- Oh So COOL: ARTKVARTA

This I quite like_ “Artisan, handmade, stained-glass jewelry”


ArtKvarta Shop Owners:

“Kvarta is the Ukranian word for a bowl, so ArtKvarta is a container full of Art.

It is founded as an art association in Ukraine but now we work in Estonia.

In our shop you can find a lot of beautiful things, made by hand. “

“All our products are made by hands in Pärnu, Estonia using the best quality materials. 

We work in Tiffany technique with stained glass and fused glass. 

It is very interesting material to work with. 

It can change color depending on the lighting but always looks great! “

“Jewelry from ArtKvarta is an unique things that combines the traditional technology and modern design.

We believe the world should be filled more things made ​​by hand with love.”

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