ETSY Adorable

Adorable Felt Animals Sculptures by Andrea Burnett

Inspired by nature, Andrea Burnett from Sheep Creek Studio makes custom handmade nursery decor and fuzzy felted sculptures.

Burnett creates an intimate experience for each customer with a toy companion to help children feel a lasting love for animals and nature.

Continuously growing their repertoire with new and diverse creations, the fuzzy toys, miniature animals and other wool felt crafts are an extensive collection of delightful products.

The toys are threaded delicately, their expressive features and textured coats have a unique touch of the Sheep Creek Studio craftsmen which make them a collectable item.

The quaint and fine hairs that make the toys so special also offer charm and cosiness.

To the adult eyes, toys are an impersonal item to dutifully serve the attention of children, yet for an infant they form countless memories and each piece is made to last forever.

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