A Color Explosion: MANISH ARORA

If you love bright, bold, colorful and fun clothing– this latest collection from Manish Arora will get you excited… just wow.


Review by Tina Isaac-Goize
“The designer added that he was charging into new terrain with “sporty and sexy together,” that is, placing his signature hand embellishments within a sporty context. 
Fortunately, PSG (Paris Saint-Germain soccer team) was on hand to collaborate on that first bit, with Kylian Mbappé in the lead. (It’s worth noting that PSG has recently opened training academies in India.) 
Those were fun, in an OTT kind of way. 
There followed a parade of fashion “jocks,” if you will, wearing a shower of Indian embroidery, sweatshirts emblazoned with Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, and scores of girls all gussied up to paint the town. 
The show’s spirit animal was the panther, rendered as handbags, neon-colored hearts styled as leopard print with a lashing of gold, and—arrestingly—as built-out shoulders with gleaming green eyes. 
Elsewhere, there was an extravaganza of a wedding-cake dress and a bag to go with it.
“It’s like the girls have stepped out of an Antonio Lopez book,” the designer offered. It was all that and more—and Arora’s base can never get enough of it.”



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