Black, Gold and Champagne Inspired Bridal Shower

So lovely, this bridal shower party! Black, Gold and Champagne Inspired Bridal Shower “Sip Sip Hooray,” we’ve got bridal shower inspiration today! For a trendy and modern bride-to-be, Kameela Lewisof Tutus & Bowties Events, dreamed up a Black & Gold Bridal Shower design that’s sparkly, tasteful & chic. The DIY engagement ring glasses give a […]

NOYA: Bridal Beautiful

  Noya Bridal    Wedding Dresses by Riki Dalal       A dreamy, beautiful, elegant wedding gown collection to share with you today.         This new collection from Noya Bridal is called the “Valeria Collection” and will simply make you swoon.       Photographed by the talented Alexander Lipkin, this fantasy […]

Paris Wedding Dress

Delphine Manivet likes more than anything “making women beautiful”. Delphine Manivet She began designing wedding gowns in Paris, France more than ten years ago. Manivet was actually looking for her own wedding dress, which she ended up designing herself. Manivet is known for her youthful energy which comes through in her garments. She strives to keep today’s […]


Late for her vows, Athena Wilson joyously jogs to the Chapel! She anxiously takes the plunge. Photography: Benjamin Kanarek “Athena, will you take this man as your lawfully wedded husband?” Athena exclaims loudly “I Do!”. Of course she does, this is her wedding day. This thoroughly modern and independent bride loves her independence, but even loves […]

Bridal Beauty

“She would also be creating her own bridal bouquet. She wanted to feel the fragility and softness of each petal. And to make the single flowers stronger than they’d been separately. Just as she was stronger now, together with people who loved and accepted her.”    ― Liz Grace Davis, Tangi’s Teardrops: A Single Tear Will […]