“Stars and blossoming fruit trees: Utter permanence and extreme fragility give an equal sense of eternity.”   — Simone Weil, Gravity and Grace         Olivia Palermo for Holt Renfrew photoshoot Do you know your silver? via:tinamotta   “I fall into melancholies of honey and roses which are none the less melancholy …”   — George […]


“Harmony makes small things grow, lack of it makes great things decay.”   – Sallust ceiling elegance Christian Dior Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2008. An Interval at the Opera – Georges Jules Victor Clairin 1843-1919 macaroons “She had a passionate longing for the garden, the darkness, the pure sky, the stars.”   – Anton Chekhov, After the […]

Elegant November

Elegant November Children in the Louvre, Paris, 1957. John Gutmann. Gelatin silver print via:brianasophia November, Sarah Martin Jeffrey Campbell Free People via:vogueanon Jo Yee. via:rubybyann Ondria Hardin by Nathaniel Goldberg for Vogue China 12/15 Papaya / oil on canvas. Shanti Shea An, 2015. Pretty City London | Liberty of London. via:coolchicstylefashion via:brianasophia Ondria Hardin by Nathaniel Goldberg for Vogue China , […]

Royal Robes

Coronation Robes of Queen Elizabeth II, 1953 Designed by Norman Hartnell. Embroidery features the English Rose, Scottish Thistle, Northern Irish Shamrock, and Welsh Daffodil. Diamond Diadem designed by Rundell Bridge & Rundell. Created in 1820 for George IV. In honor of Queen Elizabeth II becoming the longest reigning monarch in British history today, her coronation […]


“A woman has to be intelligent, successful, have charm, a sense of humor, and be kind. The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mode, but the true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. The same qualities I require from a man.”   — Catherine Deneuvé via:encoreminute Metallic Embroidered Georgette […]

Pale Blue Elegance

“Blue thou art, intensely blue; Flower, whence came thy dazzling hue?”   – James Montgomery * * *   Elio Abou Fayssal Fall 2015, Haute Couture. Palettes of the Louvre Museum by Paola F. * * * “If the sight of the blue skies fills you with joy, if a blade of grass springing up in […]

English Country Decor

THE DRAWING ROOM: English Country House Decoration by British historian and writer, Jeremy Musson     via: Jennifer Boles, The Peak of Chic   “As the title of Musson’s book implies, The Drawing Room explores “one of the defining spaces of the English country house.” The author’s introduction gives a concise history of this room, which […]


  “I have built, deep in my heart, a chapel filled with you.”   – Marcel Proust, in a letter to Anatole France, from Selected Letters: 1880-1903       rose     Dior – photo by Henry Clarke, 1956       Michelangelo Buonarroti Sonnet with a Caricature 1510     Алёнка Ковалёва   […]