Ballet Beautiful: Vaganova


Vaganova Ballet Academy’s gala performance in Naples, Italy. February 27, 2018. 


Photos by Massimiliano Pappa.



The Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet is a school of classical ballet in Saint PetersburgRussia



Established in 1738 during the reign of Empress Anna, the academy was known as the Imperial Ballet School up until Soviet times, when, after a brief hiatus, the school was re-established as the Leningrad State Choreographic Institute. 



In 1957, the school was renamed in honor of the renowned pedagogue Agrippina Vaganova, who cultivated the method of classical ballet training that has been taught there since the late 1920s. 



Graduates of the school include some of the most famous ballet dancers, choreographers and teachers in history and many of the world’s leading ballet schools have adopted elements of the Vaganova method into their own training.


The Vaganova Academy is the associate school of the Mariinsky Ballet, one of the world’s leading ballet companies. 

Students of the school have found employment with ballet and contemporary companies worldwide, such as the Bolshoi Ballet, The Royal Ballet, American Ballet Theatre and the Mikhailovsky Ballet.





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