Ballet Beautiful

Emotional And Expressive Photographs Showcased By The NYC Dance Project
Fashion and beauty photographer Ken Browar and dancer and photographer Deborah Ory are the founders of the NYC Dance Project have explored the world of dancers intimately through their lenses, documented in a book called the Art of Movement. 
Two imperative art forms that have shaped culture, society and interaction of the human soul, with the mind, body and senses in diverse forms throughout time is dance and photography.
 The project comprises of a series of transcendental moments caught in the passing with Ken and Debora’s camera – a fluid, graceful and powerful pose of the human body flexed under the weight of emotion and expression it cannot utter. 
In these pictures it becomes that dance is infused with energy, but it seems the human body pushes the constraints of gravity and flies to in search of a metaphysical state of bliss. 
Soothing, and sensational, the dancers photographed define movement like the silken flow of a paintbrush, neither hindered by reality nor physical restraints, but free with imagination and passion.



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