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“Honey Walnut Fig Cheesecake Bars”

Velvety honey cheesecake with a graham cracker walnut crust and a mosaic of fresh figs.

Sarah from Broma Bakery:
“These Honey Walnut Fig Cheesecake Bars. Are. In. Sane.
You know how in these pictures you see little crumbs everywhere? That’s because I kept eating bars off camera and they’d crumble all over the table.”

“And, if we’re totally coming clean, I took a bite out of 3 different bars not to get the perfect bite mark, but because they were so good I couldn’t stop eating them.
It all starts with a walnut graham cracker crust. The richness of the walnuts makes for a seriously addicting layer. Like, I would eat this on its own.”
“Next is a creamy honey cheesecake layer. It’s light enough that it doesn’t weigh you down, but thick enough that it feels velvety on your tongue.”
“A mosaic of fresh figs tops it off. It makes the bars look so artistic and elegant! They add a mild fruity sweetness that keeps the bars fresh and light. Plus, it’s really satisfying to get all the figs to fit together perfectly.”
Recipe Here:

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